organic coconut butter 400 g

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This creamy coconut butter is gently grinded from the coconut mean in the stone-gravel. Coconut contains rich fibers, medium fatty acids and lauric acid.  Coconut butter has not been heated at any stage of manufacturing, so all of it's good nutrients are stored!

You can use it for example as part of baking, pudding, smoothies, ice cream or simply as it is, with a spoon!
You can easily make homemade coconut milk by adding 1 part coconut butter with 3 parts of water.

Not suitable for frying!

Gluten free, lactose free, sugar free, dairy free, GMO-free, organic, additive free

Origin: Sri Lanka

Nutritional values:100 g
Energy660 kcal
Fats: 65 g
of which saturated57,6 g
of which monounsaturated transfats 2,7 g
of which polyunsaturated transfats0,7 g
Carbohydrates7,4 g
of which sugars 7,4 g
Dietary fiber16 g
Protein 6,9 g
Salt 0,09 g *