organic almond butter  250 G

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Almond butter you have been looking for.

Almond butter is made from European raw almonds that have been gently grounded in our stone mill. Rich in Vitamin E, good fats and protein. And it's delicious!

Usage: smoothies, dip sauce, salad dressings, porridge, just with a spoon

After opening use within 3 months.

Gluten free, vegan, dairy free, GMO-free, organic, additive free

Origin: made in Finland (almonds from Spain)

Nutritional values:
100 g
616 kcal
54 g
of which saturated3,73 g
24,1 g
6,6 g
of which sugar3,89 g
Dietary Fiber7,2 g 
Salt0 g 
Potasisum740 mg 
Magnesium 278 mg 
Calcium 276 mg 
Vitamin E26,4 mg 
Iron5,2 mg 
Zinc3,3 mg